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Discussion in 'Playing Gear' started by paulie, Feb 22, 2010.

  1. paulie

    paulie Active Member

    Right ive been using some steeltoe boots to date but would like to get something lighter whilst maintaining their durability.

    Anyone use something like this or advice on where to get some.

  2. eoin99

    eoin99 Active Member

    nowadays you can get some very decent lightweight hiking shoes. Their light enough and still give support. I imagine something like those would be decent in the woods.
  3. Dusty

    Dusty Ask someone else....

    Oakley or magnum combat boots are great, failing that try some military surplus stores.

    Personally I like columbia hiking shoes.
  4. DaveJ

    DaveJ Karny 4 Life

    Oakley boots are fantastic but prepare to get bent over price-wise. Nike make some great boots with their ACG range, or if you want cheap and cheerful like Jim said check out an army surplus shop.
  5. Richie

    Richie Administrator Staff Member

    Don't get too hung up on brand as you will not be doing hiking in these and the extra price for high end comfort may not be worth it. If you want them to hike in also, then it may be worth spending the extra money. As long as the boot has good ankle support and of a decent quality, you should be fine. I had a €50 pair of black no-brand waterproof boots that did me for 3 years balling when I started out.
  6. battlebridge

    battlebridge New Member

    Be a real warrior and go barefoot....
  7. Ravin_sk

    Ravin_sk Active Member

    keep an eye out for boots in aldi's or lidl's they do hiking boots form time to time
  8. Robbie_O

    Robbie_O Active Member

    dusty hit the nail on the head there, magums are ace, even the cheapest ones will be water proof up to a point and have zips for ease of use, but if your willing to splash the cash go gore tex, a quality boot that will last you a life time no joke. I've had mine 5 years now n still in perfect nick. Go for a high boot will give you protection against rolling your ankle and keep the water out more so then a low cut boot.
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  9. cant find me

    cant find me Member

    Paulie, I wear magnums elite and they are so comfy, worth paying for and they are waterproof and very fexible, try this site for decent prices
    Polimil Factory Shop FOOTWEAR
  10. Robbie_O

    Robbie_O Active Member

    mind buying online magums have strange sizings with a wide and slim fit which do vary with boot size.
  11. Mingin

    Mingin New Member

    I just use safety probs
  12. Quadsey

    Quadsey New Member

    I've been using an old pair of Doc Martins for years now. they're fairly light, good ankle support and whilst not specifically water proof i cant remember ever leaving a site with wet feet!
  13. spaz

    spaz New Member

    great outdoors or low alpine shop is a good bet too. any hiking boots that go above your ankle is your best bet. my friend in the army has ones up to the top of his calf which are great for ankle support that he bought in the scout shop on liffey street cause the army issued ones have poo ankle support.
  14. The Outlaw

    The Outlaw New Member

  15. dr death

    dr death New Member

    got my combats off ebay paulie, quite a selection and comfy too
  16. paulie

    paulie Active Member

    Guys i have to say thank yo to all posts, its not that often i see such great advice from every single post in a thread.
    Someone is looking after me on these, thanks again
  17. battlebridge

    battlebridge New Member

    ok paulie on a serious note the best boots you can get your hands on are BRASHER boots.myself and the boss travelled around the woorld in these and 12 years later she has her,s...NO kiidding.mine lasted 6 years and i reakon these are the boots for life......not cheep but you pay for what you get!!!!!!
  18. eoin99

    eoin99 Active Member

    I think f you have bought similar boots before and know your exact size this is a great option. If not though its best to go to a shop where you can try them on. I find boots sometimes fit different than say runners.
  19. Mysticmak

    Mysticmak New Member

    I agree, I have Viper combat patrol boots, size 12, a little tight, I have a pair of Asolo boots, 11.5, perfect fit.
  20. Colm

    Colm Ignore the titles

    When woodsballing I wear my Oxtar Gore-Tex bike boots. Keeps me happy :D

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