And we are back....

Discussion in 'Webmaster' started by Richie, Nov 25, 2011.

  1. Richie

    Richie Administrator Staff Member

    Well that was an annoying outage for a day. Apparently the site was been hit by several 100 bots at a time, which blocked out all you fine folk from being able to connect, including me. Several hours later of blocking ip address... I think we are back in order. For a while.
  2. Kasekas

    Kasekas Member

    good news
  3. Colm

    Colm Ignore the titles

    Still looks pig ugly...
  4. enemy

    enemy Active Member

    is this seriously what the forum is going to look like now? i thought this was a temp thing
  5. Is anyone noticed the random gallery pictures are in low res or is it just happening with me? If I click on the image I can see it in the original resolution.
  6. Paper

    Paper Member

    This is just plain ****, sort it out for ****s sake!
  7. Richie

    Richie Administrator Staff Member

    Yes, it is being sorted. All in good time. These things don't just happen by magic instantly.
  8. Redzer

    Redzer Administrator Staff Member

    Looking nice now
  9. Richie

    Richie Administrator Staff Member

    Slowly getting there. It's takes a bit more time than is used to since I am not in college anymore and don't have as much time to waste :)
  10. the green is looks nice, but on my chrome it has some position problems, the upper colored bar covering the half of the top menu, in pm not displaying the whole text in the window when you write one, one signature went across the side menu, im gonna check it out on firefox too.
  11. battlebridge

    battlebridge New Member

    Love the green
  12. MayneStream

    MayneStream Member

    Yeah looking well, only a few teething issues with Chrome that I can see...
  13. DR.X

    DR.X New Member

    i cant find my replies to private messages any help please
  14. Richie

    Richie Administrator Staff Member

    Is it to all replies in general or any specific replies?

    Have you looked in your sent folder?
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  15. DR.X

    DR.X New Member

    checked the sent box shows ones i've sent if i am the initial sender but my replys to messages when people contact me dont show up
  16. Richie

    Richie Administrator Staff Member

    how about now?
  17. Paper

    Paper Member

    this ever going to work with tapatalk again?
  18. Richie

    Richie Administrator Staff Member

    I will stick it on the todo list
  19. Mingin

    Mingin New Member

    On Chrome, the link to all unread posts since last visit is half hidden by the green panel with all the drop down menus

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