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    Well anyone thinking of buying BT pro pants? Here are couple of things that I found using mine, hope it will help to make decision on purchase since this stuff is not quite cheap.

    on the BT web page you can find following description:

    BT’s Pro Pants feature an industry-first hard rubber molded knees coupled with serious padding and adjustment straps that position the knee pad where it should be, regardless of your height. Flex panels add comfort and venting. Leg zippers allow you to cool down when the battle heats up. Our adjustable waist offers a customizable fit that you won’t find in any competitors scenario styled pant. Suit up and head into the wilderness for combat with BT paintball’s Pro Pants and experience the best fitting-best performing scenario pants you will find.

    My personal opinion:
    BT pants are very comfortable to wear, seems to be well made, robust and lasting long. The fabric used is tear resistant, but not overly heavy, the vents work well, at least here in Ireland, they might be a bit hot in hot weather, but realistically speaking it happens 10 days during a year so let's not think about it.

    Pro pants are designed well, although the first time you wear it, you might feel a bit awkward about knee pad, which is made of thick rubber and gives impression of being little uncomfortable. Not during the game, you just do not feel it. What you do feel is the protection of the knee this pads provide, especially in case you slip and land on your knee in the rough terrain, nothing happenes.

    The knee pad is hold in place by two straps with velcro tape. In my opinion this is the only weakness of this pants. the straps might feel uncomfortable, especially in the situation when you tighten it really tight.
    It would be better if BT made a bit of tubular netting around the knee and additionally two velcro stripes to keep it in place.

    Anyway even if you do not fasten the stripes very tight the knee pads are holding in place so there is not much point in b****ing.
    Pro pants have sufficient number of pockets and places for squigee and everything else you may need during the game so no complaints here.
    The level of protection they offer is good, the family jewels are well protected. Again the only weak point are the vent straps at the back of your leg, but only if you are so unlucky to get shot in this particular spot (as it happened to me:().

    The digital camo is great, especially here in Ireland, in the woods with undergrowth, on grass or ground it will not work since it is too green and too dark, but in the forest + smoke you are invisible brothers and sisters.

    BT pro pants are quite pricey piece of equipment, worth it if you play a lot of woodsball walk ons and scenario games. I consider my BT pro pants as a bit overkill, would probably be as happy with BT combat pants, but haqve these already and have no intention of changing in next few years.

    Hope you fond my short review useful.

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