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    Got a flowerload of BT stuff and finally have a little time and enough experience to write a review.

    BT Static vest:
    I am 5.9 weight 65 kilo, that makes me quite petite:). Static vest size S just fits, if it was any bigger, (or I was any smaller:)) it would be too big so watch out small players.

    My set up: I have bottle pouch in the back placed vertically above 2x 2+3 pod pouches. In front of the vest I managed to put radio pouch on the shoulder strap and multi pouch. I have but did not installed id pouch since there is no comfortable way of doing that. anyway the current set up is all I want really, so no point complaining.

    The vest is extremally comfortable and versatile. I played walk ons, and big scenario game and it worked well in all cirumstances.
    For big scenario game I used 140 paintball pods and i NEVER used more than 6 of these. The reason might be that I am sneaky player who usually finds his way around the enemy rather than charging madly into the enemy stronghold. I also play scout position often and you know that scout life span is usually short, meaning respawns, meaning time off the game. I use TM 7 most of the time but it is rarely in full auto mod. I would say 60% time it is in semi auto, 35% ramping and I use full auto only on rare occasions when I do the covering fire.

    For people with heavy gunner syndrome static may hold too few pods and they might need 2 HPA tanks, therefore HRT or Merc vest would be more comfortable.

    Just to round things up Static is for lightway fast sneaky players.

    I have quite few accesories for my vest that I installed and then stripped off. One is horizontal plate intended for my HPA tank, I discovered it is not easily installable on static vest, might work much better on HRC or merc vests.

    Also I discovered that my HPA tank does not hold well in horizontal position, I use 1.1 l carbon bottle and it might be too bulky or too heavy, my bottle pouch just cannot hold onto the vest when installed horizontally.

    Actually the bottle pouch shall be redesigned in my opinion since the only way I can put it up on my vest is vertically with the reg up, not the most convenient position, your remote line is tight and causes holding a marker a bit awkward. the reason for this is that the straps holding a bottle pouch are not strong enough. Bottle pouch shall be a bit wider and utilze 3 straps, this shall eliminate the problems with bottle flying off the vest, as it happened to me. At the moment I am using additional velcro tape to wrap aroung the whole pouch and molle system of the vest to secure it and have the piece of mind that in some extreme situation my bottle pouch is there, and not in my other hand. (I find shooting tm7 singlehandedly very uncomfortable).

    I am absolutely happy with comfort and quality of the static vest, It is robust, show very little wear and tear, no colour fading, velcroes work, no problem here, It is lightweight and does not limit movement whatsoever. It matches great with my BT pro pants and combat top. If you think about buying static vest it does not go great with pro top since you will have the olive strip on your chest that makes you more visible.

    I am very satisfied with my Static vest.

    It does not mean that I see no room for improvement.

    I would be happier with additional molle straps on the belly belt of the west for one additional pouch, I know this would diminish flexibility of the belly strap but I can live with that.

    I would also love to see BT redesign bottle pouch and make it with three holding straps. This would strenghten fastening and give the users more installation options.

    I would also like to see duty belt loops on static vest for the leg set up. I would like to carry pistol and, at the moment, I can use makeshift set up that works well, but it would be great if I could install it with my static vest as a set up (not to mention that the aggness factor will greately improve).

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    me like this very well rep for you
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    Nice of you Keith:)

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