Custom Paintball Headbands by Eden Designs

Discussion in 'Playing Gear' started by Nickeroo, Aug 13, 2009.

  1. Eve @ Eden Designs

    Eve @ Eden Designs New Member

    hahah aw bless. shes got my northern blood so shes a fighter ;)

    women are bitches huni
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  2. bobbyzulu

    bobbyzulu New Member

    Hey Eve so how do i go about getting a custom Headband done? I have an idea down on paper.
  3. Ravin_sk

    Ravin_sk Active Member

    have you got a web site up ? that i can have a look at the Headbands on ?
  4. Eve @ Eden Designs

    Eve @ Eden Designs New Member

    facebook username 'edendesigns' or search 'headgear by eden designs'

    if youre after something then just send me a message with the details and ill see what i can do :)
  5. Nickeroo

    Nickeroo New Member

    Haha dave, you're such a fat git xD
  6. Richie

    Richie Administrator Staff Member

    Would this be the one?

  7. dynasty-jake

    dynasty-jake New Member

    Richie could you order me one of those ones and I'll buy it off you next time I see you. Would really like something to remember everyone on here when I go back to Canada.
  8. Richie

    Richie Administrator Staff Member

    They are still in the design phase jake. More information them will be released in a few weeks.
  9. Eve @ Eden Designs

    Eve @ Eden Designs New Member

    How long before you run off to canada?

    and Richie you are correct, that headband Nicky is wearing was the first proper customised one.....embroided by hand i may add, quicker and more precise with the machine tho ;)
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  10. Mysticmak

    Mysticmak New Member

    Hmmm, could be interested in an AIRDROP Piantball one, check out the picture, is it possible Eve?
  11. Shane

    Shane Member

    I have been looking for a new headband lost my old one would there be anyway of getting one for the next IPL?
  12. Eve @ Eden Designs

    Eve @ Eden Designs New Member

    most probably hun, contact me over email or facebook and we will sort it for you ;)

    shane, Nickeroo will have a bunch load of my headgear with him to sell at the event around the end of the month.
    custom stuff is booked up for a while so i cant guarantee id be able to get it to you......let me know what youre after and we may be able to sort it,otherwise look at the selection nicky brings.....theres all sorts from dragonball z, pokemon to furry loveliness ;)
  13. Nickeroo

    Nickeroo New Member

    Haha, yeah that photo is me with the LoLband :)

    Eve... you realise that ryanair have really bad baggage limits, i'm not planning on leaving half of my gear out of my kitbag for your gear XD haha
  14. Ruddman

    Ruddman Active Member

    bad baggage limits? wear two, and wrap the rest around your legs...simple
  15. Shane

    Shane Member

    Hey Eve could you get Nickeroo to bring one of these over to the IPL and ask him to keep it for me please? Also how much is it?
    Cant work out how to post the pic and its wrecking my head its the one with the skulls that spiral from small in the center to big at the outside, do u know the one i mean?
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  16. Richie

    Richie Administrator Staff Member

    Ask me or use the [​IMG] button when posting.
  17. Eve @ Eden Designs

    Eve @ Eden Designs New Member

    Aww shane i have one piece left!!! theres not enough to cut one bit with the spiral in the centre but im sure i can make it work..........however, im not sure if ill be able to get it to nicky in time.
    let me work it out as i have so little time at the mo. :(

    Nicky....hand luggage!!!! theyre all in clear wrappers and theres not going to be many..ill weigh them before i send them and im sure we can sort it.
    how much are you allowed for hand luggage? i reckon the headbands are the least of your worries with all that kit of yours. ;).........remeber to chip the mud off everything before packing coz thatll give you more allowance XD
  18. Shane

    Shane Member

    Dont worry about it im kindda taken on the one with the skull and bones, the one in the album after the spiral one if u have one of those i take it not that fussed to be honest it looks class too.
  19. Eve @ Eden Designs

    Eve @ Eden Designs New Member

    youre in luck shane i have one in the pile for nicky for you :)..........those ones are £10 not sure on euros tho....ill send nicky a price list when ive done the conversion lol
  20. Dave

    Dave New Member

    Eve - If nicky runs out of space - theres always my bag, shouldnt be an issue... ;)
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