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    Make & Model:
    Dye i4.

    Period of use:
    Three months.

    Playing Paintball Since:
    2009 (can't recall exact start date :oops:)

    Similar Product Used:
    Empire E-vents, Proto Axis

    Recommended upgrades:
    Whatever lens is your preference.

    Looks, tight profile, vision, lightweight

    doesn't fit everyone, lack of a visor.

    The Dye i4's are a thoroughly good goggle system. The mask holds tight to your face in a very comfortable way, offering a lower profile. It's very lightweight, so much so you'd almost forget you're wearing it. It comes with a high definition lens, which IMHO is an excellent lens. The lens relaxes your eyes making it easier to see and reduces glare. The i4's don't impair your peripheral vision and offer a 290 degrees view. The quick change lens takes three or four goes to break in, but it works perfectly. It may confuse people who haven't read the manual, so take a quick look before popping out the lens for the first time. The soft ears are very comfortable. I've taken a hit or two on the ear pieces and they cushioned the shot 100%. The venting is excellent and my goggles haven't fogged up at all. Unfortunately it doesn't fit everyone because of it's low profile, it will fit most people though. Some people I have talked to about the i4's worry about being hit in the jaw line. You could get hit in the the jaw line, but only if you get hit straight on with your mouth wide open :), which is very unlikely. The i4's also don't have a visor for those who prefer to use them, but it's not a fundamental flaw in the masks design.

    I've been solidly using this mask for the last three months and it's yet to let me down. If you're looking for a new mask I highly recommend the i4's.

    Rating: 9/10 (because I won't give anything a ten)

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