Dynasty Paintball 2010 Jersey

Discussion in 'Playing Gear' started by Richie, Sep 23, 2009.

  1. Richie

    Richie Administrator Staff Member

  2. Mark.E

    Mark.E New Member

    I like it, think it will look less ref like in person as the black/white is manly on the sides and will be mostly covered by packs.
  3. phil09

    phil09 New Member

    More pics:
  4. Mark.E

    Mark.E New Member

    looks really nice, i really want one!
  5. Buster2x

    Buster2x New Member

  6. phil09

    phil09 New Member

    Also the new Dynasty Nxe pack:
  7. enemy

    enemy Active Member

    best of luck getting one, i asked lj for one at cup and he said each player only has 1
  8. Rob

    Rob Unmodified

    Wonder if that's more of Fraige's artwork - style looks similar to the Nxe pack I got.
  9. mad cow

    mad cow New Member

    It's his work again but this time it gets custom pull tabs as well.
  10. DaveJ

    DaveJ Karny 4 Life

    I wouldn't say there's many out yet, but they are due for general release in the new year. There'll be 2 versions of it available, the "Authentic Jersey" which will be around $100, it's exactly the same as the one's used by Dynasty themselves. Then there'll be a "Replica Jersey" which will be half the price. It's made of the same material, but hasn't the same amount of padding. The Authentic one has padding all over quilted into the material, the Replica one doesn't.

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