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    This is just a quick summary of the various types and brands of loader out there. I am not reviewing them, just listing the facts.

    I will start off by explaining some of the various technologies involved.
    References: http://www.warpig.com/paintball/technical/technical.shtml

    This is break beam sensing technology. You have a IR transmitter and receiver around the speedway. When there is a ball present, the IR wave will not get through to the receiver and the onboard hardware knows that there is a ball present = Does nothing.

    When the maker fires, the balls drop down into the breech and a gap opens up between the balls in the speedball of the loader. The IR wave can then get through this gap and hits the receiver. The onboard hardware then knows that there is a gap in the balls and that the motor needs to run in order to feed more balls to close this gap.

    Only turns the motor on when needed

    Can cause trouble if there is a ball break and paint clogs the 'eyes' and gives a false single.

    Examples: eVLution II, All Halo, Vlocity


    Sound activation incorporates a small microphone into the circuit. The system picks up the sound every time your marker fires. It is simple in operation, the motor spins every time the marker is fired.

    Positive feeding - Motor feeds paintballs only when the marker is firing
    No worries about eyes if you break balls in it

    Sound sensitivity has to be set for correct operation.

    Examples: Empire Prophecy, Reloaders and Magna


    RF - Radio Frequency
    The DXS Pulse loader, Empire Prophecy and Magna Loader have a compact radio receiver built in. A small transmitter gets mounted inside a player's marker. Every time the marker is fired, the Pulse Transmitter sends a signal to the Pulse or Magna loader, allowing the loader to pro-actively begin the feeding process.

    -With the transmitter in place, the loader does not have to wait for any movement of the stack of paintballs in the feedneck to be fed, or change in resistance they offer – it simply applies some pressure to its drive cone in anticipation of an open and empty marker breech.
    -The advantage to a radio link, is that it is triggered by the electrical signal used to fire the marker, at a more consistent point in the firing cycle than sound activation, allowing the loader settings to be adjusted more precisely for best operation with a particular marker.

    For some other markers in which there is only a direct soldered connection between the circuit board and solenoid coil, the transmitter's included wires must be soldered to either the circuit board or solenoid terminals. Because of this, and because such modifications will undoubtedly void the warranty of the circuit board


    Pulse / Torque

    This is done by the pulse of the motor sensing back pressure from balls in the feed neck. Once pressure is released by firing, the loader acts and feeds paint.

    The motor pulses several times per second. If there are not paintballs blocking the drive cone from spinning, it will spin continuously, feeding paintballs as fast as it can. When it encounters resistance from a stack of paintballs lined up to the marker's breech, the Pulse's circuit board detects the increase in electromagnetic resistance and stops delivering power to the motor. Fractions of a second later, it will apply power again, stopping if it detects resistance.

    The twitch technology eliminates the need for infra-red eyes that can run into problems with dirt, sunlight interference or differing paint shell colors or clarity.

    The downside of twitching in red mode is that the continuous activation of the motor requires the use of electricity, even when the loader is not feeding paint.

    Example: DXS Pulse and Vlocity

    Drive Cone Spring Tension
    This is a feature which is common on most new loaders today and works in conjunction with their primary sensing system.

    Loader no longer relies on gravity alone to feed the marker

    If spring tension is not adjustable, paint may be broken in the loader

    Examples: eVLution II has NO Spring Tension.... Halo B DOES

    VL Vlocity - €107
    VL Evolution 3 - €57

    Halo B with new V35 - €80

    Empire Magna Drive - €111
    Reloader B2 - €97
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    Any mistakes.... or improvements to be made, please mention.

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    It says Vlocity uses eyes and torque. It uses both?
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    Yup. Its on the warpig anyways. Perhaps a Vlocity owner can correct me.
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    it depends on the setting but it's constantly turning, that's why they're so noisy and bad on batteries
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    This will be updated add the latest batch of loaders.

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