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Discussion in 'Air Systems' started by Mr Wickwire, Jan 8, 2011.

  1. Mr Wickwire

    Mr Wickwire New Member

    I just ordered a Ninja Paintball Deluxe Mini CO2 Fill Station and am just wondering could i fill my paintball 20 oz tank off a big co2 tank such as a tank for welding? Just wondering if it does will it fit straight onto the bottle? And if not what kind of source can i get it filled from??
  2. paulie

    paulie Active Member

    I imagine your best bet is to get it filled from a paintball site if u know someone there. Not the easiest to get filled. There are some companies like air products ireland will rent it out. I would recommend cancelling your order and purchasing hpa (high pressure air). At least then u could get a scuba tank filled from a dive shop. Much easier and better option as alot of paintball sites use hpa
  3. Chrispy

    Chrispy New Member

    I agree with paulie for personal use go for Hpa.

    Regarding your C02 you will need to rent a big 5ft liquid withdrawal cylinder off BOC this involves paperwork and opening an account.

    You must freeze your 20oz tank and keep the big cylinder at room temp.

    Connect your fill station to the big cylinder.

    Take 20oz tank out of freezer and connect up the fill station.

    Put this on a set of cooking scales and zero it.

    Open the main fill valve and fill to aprox 18/19oz. NEVER OVERFILL

    Close main fill valve.

    unscrew 20oz tank aprox 1.5 turns.

    open dump valve.

    it will dump excess co2 in the line. (if it still keeps coming unscrew 20oz tank some more)

    There ye go..

    But go with Hpa..
  4. ironclaw

    ironclaw Member

    Have to say your playing with alot of energy with big CO2 tanks. HPA is far easier and long term, a better investment. Also alot of sites are going HPA so when playing you'll in a better position.
  5. battlebridge

    battlebridge New Member

    HPA all the way...
  6. Mr Wickwire

    Mr Wickwire New Member

    Ok thanks so much for all the help, I guess i better try change my order if its nt shipped yet and get HPA. If i do get the HPA would i be able to fill it off an oxygen tank again for welding? Its just my uncle is a welder and i can get the oxygen for free that way? I tried looking for HPA fill stations but the only ones I could find were the scuba ones but they wouldnt fit a big oxygen tank would they??
  7. ironclaw

    ironclaw Member

    STOP! Oxygen is not for paintball. You would be putting Oxygen (Possibly liquid) into a marker filled with petroleum based lubricants. You could be looking at one huge explosion. When I use it medically, we arn't even allowed put vaseline near O2 lines as inert as Vaseline is.

    Your safest option is to fill from a site when you wish to play. Failing that, buy a Scuba tank. Be sure to get training no matter what you do before even trying to fill yourself regardless of if you've worked with these gases before. I've worked with Oxygen but by no means am I qualified to fill a tank.

    Do Not Use Oxygen.
  8. Mr Wickwire

    Mr Wickwire New Member

    Ok thanks for the warning I only got my paintball gun the other day so i am totally new to all this so thanks so much for the help, will look into getting a scuba tank for filling it!
  9. ironclaw

    ironclaw Member

    What did you buy and where are you based?

    If you based in Ireland, are you aware of the Firearm Legislation etc?
  10. Mr Wickwire

    Mr Wickwire New Member

    I got a spyder vs1. Yes must i go to the guards and get a licence for it, is that correct?
  11. ironclaw

    ironclaw Member

    Not exactly. Your in a very tricky spot. Technically you've committed an offense by importing a firearm without a relevant license and / or permit. (All of us here have :) )

    The short answer is you cannot get a license for a paintball marker and by the letter of the law, your prosecutable for that. (No one has been though, so far and I doubt anyone ever will)

    However, keep it out of sight, don't play where your not suppose to and generally speaking you'll be ok. If you are prosecuted (Highly unlikely but all the same something to keep it mind) Its a very serious offense especially in relation to work and travel.

    I wouldn't really recommend going into a Garda station and saying you already have one. But do speak to a Firearms Officer, as far as I know every station has one.

    I suggest you read my thread here:
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  12. paulie

    paulie Active Member

    I would advise/reccomend you have a good detailed read of previous threads and faq,s on here before u seriously injure yourself or others. Paintball markers can be dangerous wheb misused.

    Where are u based. Where have you played. Come along to a game with us one day soon. You will get invaluable advice and direction. Also the away from welding tanks. Do some research asap.
  13. Mr Wickwire

    Mr Wickwire New Member

    Ok ya i wasnt too sure about going to the guards about it because i was afraid they would confiscate it or something but it was one of my friends who told me if I had to get a licence then i had to go to the guards about it!

    Thanks for the heads up but i don't think ill even be able to use it because getting it filled seems to be the hardest thing ever! lol

    Im based in Cork aswell i forgot to mention in my last reply sorry, Do u know anywhere where i could buy a scuba tank so I could do my own refill?? Is that what most people do for HPA??
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    Ok Paulie I will do that I know im jumping into the unknown here really so yes I will take your advice and do some research. Thanks!
  14. Chrispy

    Chrispy New Member

    Oh dear god not Oxygen.... BOOM..!!!!
  15. ironclaw

    ironclaw Member

    Confiscation could be the least of you worries. Firearm Offenses can have huge implications.

    Ok. Basically most people fill when they go to play. Most sites in Ireland are HPA or going HPA for a number of reason. Most people fill a tank to bring home, for maintenance etc. A good few people have scuba tanks, but its mainly for going to sites that use CO2 and there markers are HPA only (Important Note: Some markers are HPA Only)

    What I must stress however is unlike air soft, its not advisable to get scuba tanks and go into the forests to play paintball. Unless you own the land and there is absolutely no chance someone will see / walk into you, its generally not a good idea. Remember, all it takes is one person to lose an eye or take a case against any of us here for playing stupidly in a forest and our sport is history. I may be wrong, but I only know of one event that was organised here that took place on private land and not in a centre. Its generally a bad idea for all sorts of reasons.

    As paulie said, due to the fact your new to the sport, I would recommend leaving your marker in the box and coming to a few days with the regulars here. By all means bring your marker when you do, at least you'll have a wealth of knowledge around you to ask questions. I didn't buy my first marker for about 8 months after I started playing (And I worked for a Paintball company for that time, and still do)

    Do you own a mask by the way?
  16. The Outlaw

    The Outlaw New Member

    Talk to Sprid Whelton, he is based in cork and has some contacts. He might be able to help you out. ;) Oh and welcome to the club.... hehe

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