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    (so the title makes sense www.youtube.com/watch?v=y30I8Gl0N4Y . Well, more sense.)

    Got bored today and started nerding out on batteries... If you you also enjoy a good nerd session check out the following link:


    Take note about the part where he mentions voltage drop, this is were your marker stops working :)

    Also, you may already be aware of this place, but by far one of the cheapest places to get your batteries!

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    Actually the title ( of this thread) makes no sense at all... can you edit it to make it spell something correctly?
  3. Dusty

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    All very well, doesn't take into account ambient air temperatures or any of that.

    It's fairly simple though, paintball is not a cheap sport. Markers are certainly not cheap.

    I will NEVER understand why people cheap out on their battery supply. Markers do funny things when the batteries start getting low.

    I've always used Duracell or Energy paintball batteries and never had problems or duds.
  4. Robbie_O

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    Babz are good but they won't ship outside of the UK, from my dealings with them.
    I find camera shops are good they buy in bulk so generally sell for a good deal cheaper than most shops.

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