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    Here it is translated for you all that can't read or translate German:

    View on DPL 2007
    Only before one and a half years, in the season 2005, the German master the first time in the DPL federal league was out-played. Only last season eingef?t the DPL the 2.Bundesliga, now already the?lich high sporty value genius?. In the coming season therefore a special emphasis on stabilization and development of the DPL regional league is to be put.
    Facts to the DPL regional league:
    - regional leagues in all four regions (west, S? North, east)
    - maximally 10 teams per regional league
    - regional leagues run in the M7-Format
    - regional leagues run at own dates, no longer parallel to the federal leagues
    - first 3 of each region qualify f?den themselves DPL cup, at that the Aufsteiger to 2. Federal league to be out-played

    Dates DPL regional league:
    27. May
    24. June
    29. July
    26. August

    Dates DPL federal leagues (SA 2.BL, so 1.BL, both in the M7-Format):
    12./13. May
    16./17. June
    21./22. July
    18./19. August
    15./16. September

    On Sunday, 04 February takes place a Pr?ntation of the DPL 2007 . Representatives of the PB media, TC.s of the DPL teams, as well as representatives are invited to the DPL of interested new teams. Registrations to the DPL 2007 are on-line with these Pr?ntation, as well as anschlie?nd m?ich. Note: The further Erg?ung of the DPL around 3-Mann and 5-Mann format is probable. With these Pr?ntation?r their structure is informed also in detail.

    Further information takes place in K?e on
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    Re: Major Tournament Rule Books

    Richie & BigBad : DPL uses MS Rule Book ;)

    That weird translation contains no very interessting information ..only dates for the events and who is playing what and when aaaaand how to promote to a higher level/division in the DPL :)
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