My Custom Grills :)

Discussion in 'Masks' started by matt_d, Oct 6, 2008.

  1. matt_d

    matt_d New Member

    Well ever since I got my Grills I've been interested in painting them. I got bored the other day so I thought I'd finally paint them, and while I was at it, make a bit of a guide for those who are considering customising their own mask.

    I went to my local skateshop since it was the only place open on Sunday that sold paint and got myself some 'Acid Green' Montana spraypaint, for £4.20 or so.
    I know you're meant to use 'Krylon Fusion' on masks, but that's American, hard to get a hold of here, expensive and well, I'm impatient lol.
    Here's the paint I got:


    Then I took out the lens, foam and strap from my Grills, and the little metal 'V-Force' logos on the sides (just bend back the tabs on the inside and it comes right off, then you can put them back later after painting).
    After that, I used black insulation tape to go around the seams between hard plastic and rubber on the mask, as this made a better seal and was easy to cut with a stanley knife.
    Then I just used regular masking tape to cover up the rest of the rubbery parts.
    This stage probably was the most time consuming, cos it was hard to cut the insulation tape right.
    I ended up with this:


    After taping it up, it was time to start paintin'. I took some sandpaper and gave it a light sanding down first, to give the paint something to grip onto and so I could get a better idea of how thick the paint was (ie, when to stop adding more coats lol).
    I should have used some sort of Primer here, but I didn't have any in my garage and being an impatient bastard I just started layering on the Colour I picked.

    I put it on in thin coats, probably about 10 in total. Leaving it to dry for about 15-20mins in between coats.
    I ended up with this:


    After that was done, I used some clear laquer to seal it and try to prevent chipping (that's probably inevitable, only time will tell). I put on a couple of light coats, again letting it dry for about 20mins in between each time.

    So with all this done, it was time to peel off all the tape. I wasn't happy with a lot of it. But oh well, it was a learning experience if nothing else.
    I learned that next time I do something like this, to put masking tape on the INSIDE as well as the outside lol. And to get some sort of tape that wont leave a sticky residue (fucking insulation tape -_-).

    Anyway here's the finished product, my Acid Grills:


    Yeah I know the colour may not be to everyones tastes (Ed lol :)) but I think it looks sweet, and as I said, I learned a lot from it for the next time I paint a mask.

  2. Jny

    Jny New Member

    dude they are sick!!...

    good job!
  3. Richie

    Richie Administrator Staff Member

    Great stuff matt, update us in a few months to see how its holding up with wear and tear etc.
  4. matt_d

    matt_d New Member

    Will do
  5. dynasty-jake

    dynasty-jake New Member

    The mask is amazing, I might have to get you to paint mine for me lol. You definatly picked the right color, the acid green is brillant, cant wait to see it person. Lets hope it doesnt clash with your eclipse top. :lol:

    I cant wait to cover it in paint :D
  6. enemy

    enemy Active Member

    they look great matt. the paint you used is called montana gold, great paint even though its a little more expensive than most. it should hold up fairly well from my experience :wink: there is only one brand of paint that i know is completely resistant to water, its called molotow and its a tar based paint.
  7. Mick_Dundee

    Mick_Dundee New Member

    Not bad, not bad at all. How much did the paint come to.
  8. matt_d

    matt_d New Member

    About £4.20 or so for that can. I had some laquer lying around so I didn't need to buy any more.

    Thanks for the comments guys :D
  9. Dusty

    Dusty Ask someone else....

    Nice colour choice, definitely looks very alien or summat. I think it compliments the shape of the grills very well.
  10. DR.X

    DR.X New Member

    that is really really cool :) great job man
  11. DaveJ

    DaveJ Karny 4 Life

    bad ass....nice work Matt
  12. Ravin_sk

    Ravin_sk Active Member

    Really looks good
    how are you at doing car doors lol
  13. matt_d

    matt_d New Member

    Thanks :D

    And lol, I think I'll stick to masks for now ravin :lol:
  14. Whupass

    Whupass Hi! Haaaavvvve you met Ted?

    really good!

    brilliant colour too
  15. eoin99

    eoin99 Active Member

    Looks nice, keep us updated as to how it turns out after a few games.
  16. Paintballer Wannabe

    Paintballer Wannabe New Member

    looks great, almost looks like kawasaki scrambler goggles
  17. Cen92

    Cen92 New Member

    Looks Savage Nice Job

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