New GIF Banner - What do you think of it?

Discussion in 'Webmaster' started by Redzer, Feb 24, 2012.

  1. Redzer

    Redzer Administrator Staff Member

    Howya all,

    I'v just introduced a GIF banner. It's on every page on the site just below the main header.

    At the moment it's just advertising the SOD but I can add as many ad's to it as people want. If anyone wants their event advertised here just pm me. In the future I'll add sites and shops to it.

    If people don't like it I can take it down. What do you guys think?
  2. sparky55ie

    sparky55ie 'Merc Mob'

    i like it, moves the threads down a we bit, but still looks good.

    maby talk to some company's about adding hyperlinks to there stores onto the site.
    just small links that are stickyd to the site. then charge them a fee, kinda like P8ntballer

    would be good income for the sight and should up numbers, with people being able to get to the online shops with us.
  3. hammer

    hammer Super Moderator

    i like it also think it encourages maybe some big event organisers such as shoreline would really like the idea

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