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Discussion in 'Webmaster' started by Richie, Feb 9, 2011.

  1. Richie

    Richie Administrator Staff Member

    There is a new like system being put on trial. It is an internal system and not linked to FaceBook or any other website.

    The idea of the system is to promote high quality posting across the forum. The better a post is for what ever reason ( humour, information, tips, advice), generally the more likes it will receive. The Top 'liked' posts then will be displayed at the top of each page.

    To like a post,

    1. View a post
    2. See the bottom right hand corner of every post, note 'like'
    3. Click it
    4. Your user name will appear under that post and the author will be get a notification about it being liked.
    Any problems or bugs with it, post them here, during its trial.
  2. battlebridge

    battlebridge New Member

    New nobody likes system....
  3. paullogan

    paullogan Member

    like system is grand if you take away the notification every time and mayb have it marked on the latest forums topics to let us know what good and what not
  4. Richie

    Richie Administrator Staff Member

    Thanks for the suggestion Paul. The like notifications is some thing that will be worked on. There is a section on the way to display the most 'liked' topic also.

    Any other thoughts or suggestions?
  5. paulie

    paulie Active Member

    When i check threads on my phone the like system gets in the way of checking pages, it makes checking threads on paintballer via my phone a bit of a pain
  6. ironclaw

    ironclaw Member

    Thats a pretty sweeping statement! We don't have a "Thanks" button like etc, so the Like sort of replaces that. Saying that, I'd prefer a discrete "Thanks" button as opposed to the Like.
  7. Mysticmak

    Mysticmak New Member

    "bitching" and "bollocks" buttons?
  8. battlebridge

    battlebridge New Member

    like, me likes, like, like, like....
  9. The Outlaw

    The Outlaw New Member

    I like the new Like system, As nowbody here seems to know or want to use the Rep System which would make alot more sense as they do on

    Just a thought...
  10. paulie

    paulie Active Member

    Any chance of getting a ''sake like'' button
  11. Ravin_sk

    Ravin_sk Active Member

    Can we get unlike button so as if a post gets 4 unlike's it should be deleted as there are treads with a lot of unhelp full posts as of late ok it's might be funny but it ends up to be a tread full of ****
  12. ironclaw

    ironclaw Member

    I have to agree with that. Even if 4 Dislikes caused the comment to be hidden and a user could elect to show it.

    I'm know I'll be slated for this but the threads on this site have really gone to the dogs. Its the same groups every time with inside jokes and stupid remarks. Sorry lads, your on your own to a large extent. Its frankly childish. Just look at how many new members we've had in the past 12 months and how many have stayed? You could probably count them on one hand.

    I often refereed to people to this site both in work, on the field and in college. And when I'd catch up with them a few weeks later I'd ask did they join. About 99% said no because of the utter bulls*it that some people go on with around here. Or the way some of our more experienced members treat any new people and their ideas / suggestions.

    Many members here should take a step back and look at what this site has become from what it was. And take responsibility for it. We all love our sport but do we promote it in the best light? The answer is no, we don't. This site went from a rose garden to a waste land pretty quick. I know thats harsh but its how I see it. This site used be great before some people got the notion that they were above the rest of us and especially the almighty when it came to new players.
  13. Richie

    Richie Administrator Staff Member

    It's a good idea and I will see of there is any modifications that can do it. It is unlikely that I would be able to code something my self.

    It's true about the post quality lately. If we try to keep things strict we get called joy kills, and when things are left alone, its mug slinging. You can't win either way. Change has to come from the bottom up with in a community.
  14. Mingin

    Mingin New Member

    You sound like David Cameron. I think a dislike button would be good
  15. MayneStream

    MayneStream Member

    I may be able to help you if you need it, just send me a PM if you need anything man
  16. Richie

    Richie Administrator Staff Member

    It would involved editing the existing hack and then creating an unlike hack... a lot of work. I will look around though and see what mods are available. The site is due a revamp soon anyways.
  17. spaz

    spaz New Member

    this is site v3 aint it? i hope v4 comes soon. so over v3.
  18. MayneStream

    MayneStream Member

    Trying to find where I can contribute. Offer's always there if you need it

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