Paintball World Cup in Paris-Chantilly.

Discussion in 'Speedball' started by Paper, Aug 28, 2013.

  1. Paper

    Paper Member

    Just received the following email: any takers?

    Dear Nik,

    As I know from Ulrich, you are planning to participate in the Paintball World Cup in Paris-Chantilly.
    I would like to confirm your participation, we have a spot available for your National team.

    The Paintball World Cup will take place on Friday and Saturday (13-14 of September), after Millennium games are finished.
    We will start on Friday (13th of September) at 5 pm with the Opening Ceremony:
    each National team will go by the grandstands in front of spectators, carrying the national flag and the plate with a country name. We will provide all the teams with plates and flags.

    First games will start at 6 pm, after the Opening Ceremony. Qualification system: direct elimination. Teams will have a minimum of 2 games.

    Opening Ceremony and the games will be covered by web cameras and TV.

    The PAINTBALL WORLD CUP is planned to be held every 2 years. Next event will take place in 2015 in other Continent. More information will be available soon.

    You will compete National Teams from 3 more Continents: America, Africa and Asia.
    There is no limit on players age or sex.
    Your entry fee for the World Cup will be 1100 EUR as for non-affilited National Federation.

    Your players can use last year`s jerseys.
    But if you need to order additional jerseys, it will cost 35 EUR + VAT per jersey.

    Now I would like to receive a confirmation from you about the participation of Irish National team.
    And I will need the team roster now, to promote the team.

  2. Robbie_O

    Robbie_O Active Member

    im already attending the event so of course i'd be up for it, but do we have the numbers ?
  3. Charlie

    Charlie Active Member

    What Robbie said.
  4. Redzer

    Redzer Administrator Staff Member

    I'd definitely be up for that
  5. MayneStream

    MayneStream Member

    Too late notice for me, and price is beyond my reach at the minute sadly. Couple that with the fact I haven't picked up a marker in nearly 3 months, it wouldn't be worth it!

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