PaintballX3: The Smart Parts Impulse Review

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    It’s not good enough to be good enough anymore. There was a time in paintball when there really were paintball guns on the market that just didn’t work; there was no guarantee of “bang” after a trigger pull and reliability meant only a handful of companies. However, this was during a time when paintball as a game, sport and industry was young and both the players and many businesspeople within it were naïve. Those days are over. The vast majority of the paintball guns on the modern market work well, shoot quickly and accurately and are in some way innovative, especially on the tournament scene where paintball guns average a thousand dollars or more. This means that to simply make a paintball gun, particularly a tournament model, good enough to do the job is to ensure it be lost in the shuffle of numerous companies and numerous models. To ensure sales and success in modern tournament paintball, good enough is no longer enough; a new tournament paintball gun must be innovative and better to stand a chance. Smart Parts, manufacturers of electronic paintball guns since the earliest days of markers that require batteries, has launched numerous successful models over the years and has recently released their latest, resurrecting one of their most successful names in the process. Light, fast, attractive and innovative, the new Smart Parts Impulse is much better than “good enough” and will likely add another impressive piece to the company’s arsenal.

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