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    proto Jersey

    Your jersey is the most visible piece of gear on the field; now enter the 2010 Proto Jersey (shown in Brick Red). A jersey full of design and function to keep you at the top of your game. We’ve increased the mesh venting overall to cool you down faster. Patent Pending silicone injection improves aim stability and keeps your tank in the sweet spot. Featuring quilted padding on the shoulders, elbows and forearms, the 2010 Proto Jersey keeps you protected. Elastic cuffs feature thumb locks to keep your jersey from riding up when diving into cover. The Proto jersey features no-fade sublimation graphics so the style keeps up with your game.


    01 Elastic stretchable v-neck collar for comfort.

    02 Patented SILICONE STICKY TACK Stabilizes your gun.

    03 reinforced double and triple stitching.

    04 SIDE VENTING Allowing exceptional airflow.

    05 VENTED NECK Helps heat escape.

    06 PADDED ELBOWS and forearm.

    07 Thumb locks Protects palm and backhand.


    Proto Pant

    Step into a pant that’s going to perform, a pant that’s going to take a beating, a pant engineered specifically for paintball. The 2010 Proto pant (shown in Brick Red) has its foundation in these principles. Lightweight and fast, these pants let you charge the field, while inner leg venting keeps you cool under fire. Reinforced stitching for the longevity of your gear. Padded knees, crotch and yoke for extra protection. Added bonuses like a swab pocket, adjustable cuffs and side Velcro closures to name a few. The sublimated paneling on the sides keeps bright and clean after washing. We spared no ounce of our paintball experience when designing the new Proto Pant. Go out and get dirty, be aggressive, and know that your pants will keep up with you.


    01 ADJUSTABLE WAIST closures that can expand or shrink four sizes.

    02 REINFORCED SEAT Extending the life of your pants from sliding.

    03 PADDED CROTCH Maximum protection for your most valuable items.

    04 4-way stretch nylon allows for a complete range of motion.

    05 SWAB POCKET Holds standard flex swabs or single stick swabs at the ready.

    06 BREATHABLE MESH Comfort and cooling for optimal temperature.

    07 MICRO-INJECTION LOGOS Add style and graphic flavor.

    08 INNER THIGH VENTING for Extra circulation to help cool you down faster.

    09 PADDED KNEES for Protective measures and comfort are all new.


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