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Discussion in 'Masks' started by Richie, Aug 15, 2008.

  1. Richie

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    Any one know anything about these?
    10/10 on PB Review
    $50 - 74 Price range. For the past 4 years tens of thousands of AirSoft Players, Ballers and Law Enforcement Agencies have wanted us to make a mask for them. We spent 3 years asking questions and after thousands of hours of research here’s what we found. 1) A few years ago Ballers wanted a soft rubbery mask so when a Ball hit their mask it might bounce off. However with today’s guns that have rapid fire technology and that shoot 15-20 Ball per second, it doesn’t matter if one Ball bounced off, there are probably 15 more right behind it. 2) The Ballers we surveyed wanted graphics on their masks! 3) They LOVE our Anti Fog Technology. 4) They love our low profile! 5) The love our easy lens locking system, and 6) The wanted a mask they could have custom painted with whatever sick graphics they want!

    So we are NOT your average Paintball Mask Company! If you are looking for a soft rubbery mask that has a bunch of holes in it and comes with cheap foam you've come to the wrong place...If you are looking for a mask that is designed to fit 96% of the worlds population, has R.W.I Foam, (Replaceable, Washable, Interchangeable-Marks A-Lot and So Phat Series Only), is the worlds first paintable/customizable mask, has sick graphics, adjustable ventilation, has anti fog coatings that are the best in the world, fits over most glasses and sun glasses, weighs 7 oz. AND has a very low profile... u've come to the right on a series below to learn more.

    Save Phace Picture thread on the Nation:

    Save Phace Forum on the Nation:


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  2. Doc_Savage

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    dunno if i agree that the "bounces don't matter anymore" thing..

    Saw these a while ago and because you can buy them unpainted you can get them done in team colours or sponsors logo's etc...

    and i've seen some of their pics where they'll actually fit under a military helmet. Great for the big scenario fan!

    plus how cool does that skull look?

    (very cool for about ten minutes anyway!)
  3. matt_d

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    Some of them look 'ok', most look awful.
  4. Ravin_sk

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    THE CHAIRMAN New Member

    they fit underneath the helmets cos they were originally made for soldiers in desert conditions or sailors in rough seas, and motorbikers.

    Dunno if i wanna give up the fact that my E-Vents may have a bounce or two. sp8nsc has one of these, hasn't he?

    Don't really like the look of em..
  6. Doc_Savage

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  7. Richie

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  8. Ravin_sk

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  9. Doc_Savage

    Doc_Savage New Member

    i said i would!! :oops:

  10. Whupass

    Whupass Hi! Haaaavvvve you met Ted?

    i've gotten so many bounces off of my mask!

    yeah sure there's 15 more on the way but if you've any head on you you won't leave your head out that long!
  11. DR.X

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    hahahahaha doc you legend haha
  12. Rob

    Rob Unmodified

    Doc - that would be worth doing for real.
  13. Doc_Savage

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    you know i'm actually afraid of that happening!
  14. Doc_Savage

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    for the karnies
  15. Tua Cathach

    Tua Cathach New Member

    doc i like the rage one.. the karnis one looks savage as well
  16. Robbie_O

    Robbie_O Active Member

    it looks like TUA except brown instead of ginger beard haha
  17. DaveJ

    DaveJ Karny 4 Life

    Not a fan of those Save Phace masks at all...but the rage one would look kinda funny
  18. Milkshake

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    Yea Chairman I have one, the middle one with the teeth. The fits nice but are hard and you will not get any bounces. I wear mine very little as they are warm during the summer. The only plus I see is the cool factor you can get with the ability to custom paint them.
    I play scenario and see them on the field about as much as other masks, just under the big 3.
  19. Richie

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    Anarky now pre-ordering have these babies.. They are on the dear side though.

    How much are you willing to pay for a factory paint job on your mask?.... €95 for the high end version?

  20. -Hippy-

    -Hippy- New Member

    They do have some really nice paint jobs though, its either pay up or get out the dulux and try yourself :p

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