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Discussion in 'Air Systems' started by pliauskiux, Jun 8, 2010.

  1. pliauskiux

    pliauskiux New Member

    Hi. I wanted to ask, if anyone knows where I could buy a new or second hand 15l scuba tank in waterford and for how much? Thank you.
  2. Irish Airborne

    Irish Airborne New Member

    You should goto scuba shops now because they are selling out old gear for the summer so try and get it now (i wouldnt go over 120 euro for second hand one)
  3. pliauskiux

    pliauskiux New Member

    I found one scuba shop in a town, I'll probably go and check there on thursday. When I get a scuba tank, do I need anything else to add on it so it will be good for paintballing?
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  4. Rob

    Rob Unmodified

    Google is your friend:

    Ardmore Diving
    Waterford Harbour Sub Aqua Club

    Probably more if you look.
  5. pliauskiux

    pliauskiux New Member

    I know the two of them, but they dont reply to my emails. I tried few more, I'll see if anyone will reply me tomorrow. If not, paintball is not for me. =D Are people who work in diving shops allowed to refill the hpa bottles? Or is it the same as co2?
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  6. Mysticmak

    Mysticmak New Member

    Depends if they have the correct fitments, some do, some don't. If you have your own scuba then all you need is a fill station and you can fill till your bottle is empty, safe in the knowledge that the dive shops can some sites (Barrage) may be kind enough to fill your scuba for you.
  7. pliauskiux

    pliauskiux New Member

    Lets say I have my own fill station, would they fill the bottle for me if I bring my own fill station?
  8. ironclaw

    ironclaw Member

    It would be a fruitless exercise. Even the best bottles will slowly leak so if you were to go back after every fill it would cost a fortune. Remember HPA won't last a huge amount of shots unlike CO2. I would get a scuba tank and a fill station. Then you get a good few more fills of the paintball tank until you need to refill the scuba.
  9. pliauskiux

    pliauskiux New Member

    I dont have that much money right now, Im planning to buy a marker and all of the accessories which will cost me about 300euro, so I thought, now for the next few weeks I could go and fill the bottle in a diving shop, and when exam are over, I'll have more time for paintballing and I will go to work so I will have enough money to afford a scuba tank.
  10. ironclaw

    ironclaw Member

    I was in the same position when I started out. Ok, first off remember a CO2 tank and a HPA tank are different. You can't use them for the same thing. Also, your marker choice affects this as well. HPA is good for everything which CO2 cannot be used in electro's without tank modifications.

    As such you'd need to decided which route you'd like to go. Many sites are going HPA at the moment, so that is the route I chose. If you can't afford a Scuba and your going to be playing at fields, I would hold off on the scuba and a tank. You can always rent a tank and many fields will provide one free of charge for the day. Then when you have the cash, get a decent carbon fibre tank. Then get a Scuba. That would be my opinion anyway :p
  11. pliauskiux

    pliauskiux New Member

    I know all the differences between the two off them, I decided to get marker with air, because there are more places to get hpa, and it's dangerous to fill the co2. I'll wait for thursday and I'll go to the town to a scuba shop and ask them about scuba tanks, if I will find something good, I will buy it, I cant go there tomorrow because I have one exam and then training after it. And for beginning, Im going to get a cheap aluminium air bottle, for 55 euros in JP, because I think it's good enough for a start, and when I will get into paintballing, I will start looking at good stuff, not the cheap stuff :D
  12. Richie

    Richie Administrator Staff Member

    Before you go spending all the money on scuba tanks and fill stations, you need to think about when and where you are going to actually play paintball.

    The only time when you need your own air after that is if:

    1. Your playing out law
    2. You want to service your marker.
    If you are only going to play at proper sites at organised events, then you will be provided with air / co2 there. Also, unless you have mates who are going to play with you, then you will not be able to play outlaw ball on your own..... well you can but it is not much fun :)
  13. paulie

    paulie Active Member

    If you had a fill station for a scuba you could bring it to a scuba shop and fill off their tanks, as far i know they may still charge €5 a fill, the also only charge €5 to fill a scuba tank

    Saying this you will only get an average 700 shots per the 0.8 ltr tank. Paintball is not cheap , all of us know this, i recently bought a 10ltr scuba second hand for €180 with a full retest on it. You are looking at up to €50 for a fill station which depends on the bottle fitting aclamp or din fitting.

    Before you go buy from jp, pm mysticmak @ he is based in co wiclow and i know he is doing a great deal with steely tanks with high spec regulators which you can change to a carbon tank whenever you upgrade.
  14. Irish Airborne

    Irish Airborne New Member

    Bang on the money paulie
  15. Whelton

    Whelton New Member

    Ive worked out a deal with munster dive centre for a euro a fill on my marker tank. They won't sell me a scuba tank instore because I dont have a diving license so I need to acquire one some other way! My family owns a kickass woods for playing in so it'd be useful!
  16. pliauskiux

    pliauskiux New Member

    Richie, I'm going to play somewhere in the fields or in woods, I might play a lot times alone because I need to practice, I might sometimes play with my friends, I know it's illegal but whatever..
    Paulie, fill stations for hpa are much expensive, a fill station with a-clamp cost 60euro, and the din fit one costs 90, so 50 is not enough.. :D
    Sprid, which diving centre did you check? Was it in Waterford? How long ago?
    And lets say I go to the diving shop to buy a scuba tank, should I mention that I need a scuba tank for paintballing? Or it will be better If I say nothing about it?
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  17. paulie

    paulie Active Member

    As i said before pm mysticmak about it, he will look after you on the tank and fill station mate.

    Be careful on playing in the woods or fields mate, remember paintball markers need a firearms licence so if you are playing just randomly and someone reports you there could be a whole lot of trouble, we have stayed away from this trouble to date because we all mostly play at licenced sites. :)
  18. pliauskiux

    pliauskiux New Member

    Here are a lot fields where I live, so I will keep changing the place everytime I play, never play 2 or more times in the same field, here are no people, only few industrial buildings and sometimes some travelerss horses appear, that's it. :D I will contact him about the fill station and the bottle, maybe I will get better deal with him, but in JP, when I buy a lot, I get it cheaper, lets say I buy a lot stuff for 270euros, and get a free sonic overdrive loader which costs over 40 euro. :)
  19. paulie

    paulie Active Member

    At the end of the day its up to you where you buy mate, just be wary of playing in fields that you may not have permission to be in.

    If caught by the garda i would advice no to mention
  20. pliauskiux

    pliauskiux New Member

    there's no reason why I should mention :D if they would catch me, they would ask me where I got a marker, then I would say JP, but they wont catch me, I know all the ways how to escape from some of the fields so Im not affraid at all. :D

    So, I just came back from the town. I found a 10.8L scuba tank in fishing shop, very nice and new tank, costs 270euro (lol) Too expensive.. I asked if they have any second hand tanks, they said no. I looked on the map yesterday where the Waterford Harbour Sub Aqua Club is, I went on a bike to look for, I went up and down the quay twice, I dont know maybe Im I didnt see it or it isnt here at all, maybe it was closed a year ago :D I went to funk it shop, I asked the guy who sells the air sfot guns, if he knows where I could get hpa or co2 in WD, so I spend 5mins. explaining him what the hell is paintballing, then he goes, here look, that should work, I take of the top of the bottle, and see that its a gas for lighters. lmao. :D I dont think If there are any more diving shops over here.. Does anyone know what kind of shops would rent a co2 bulk tank then? Would they rent in bord gais?
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