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    out the box it is a cracking little marker.

    stick the blackheart and accompanying eyes in it as an upgrade and it is fantastic.

    having shot everything from tippmann 98s, a5s, x7s and spyder mr3, i'm quite glad to be shooting SP markers.

    was a little reticent to make the change from the SP8 to the SP1 this year - but i'm glad we did.
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    Smart Parts SP-1 Local Review

    Further to these reviews I have the following findings having now got these units in stock.

    I used a local site who were very kind enough to allow me use of their test range and their HPA facilities.

    First impressions:
    Just as Mike said, the trigger is frankly the best feeling trigger outside a real firearm! The feel and movement is great, so solid, not only the trigger, but the whole marker has a great "every day use and abuse" feel about it. The construction is solid, the smell out of the box....divine!
    The standard barrel supplied is the short Tactical version one piece unit, I put 500 balls through the marker (mixture of Sterling Gauntlet and Formula 13) with zero barrel breaks, this was old paint too.

    What's in the box:
    The marker comes supplied with four allen keys and a Smart Parts barrel sock as well as the usual manuals and warranty information. The manual takes the form of a massive fold out affair with all basic diagrams and warnings, one interesting fact is the the unit comes set up for CO2 in terms of the dwell settings, there is however a very clear sheet in the box detailing the differences between CO2 and HPA and how to alter the dwell for each.

    What's it like:
    The marker performed really well, I used a standard gravity feed for reasons I will come on too, aside from some miss feeds (no eyes on the standard unit) the performance was very good, accuracy was on par with the Ion and Ion XE, ball flight was good and level with very little drop off over distance. The marker was firing, albeit somewhat less effective, even when the HPA tank was running on empty. She was running slightly lower of ftps, around the 270 mark, but still landed good grouping on the targets.
    The solid feel of the marker gives you a reassurance that it will not bend or break if you drop it, bump it or smack it, could this be the Land Rover of the Marker world? Suffice to say I took it to the site for testing and did not come back with it, this particular unit is now sold.

    1. Solid feel.
    2. Trigger action.
    3. Good and true flight with standard barrel, Freak or Apex could make this a formidable marker.
    4. Bolt out the back maintenance.
    5. Smells nice out of the box!
    6. Mag light socket under the barrel, nice touch.

    1. Didn't come with a battery as standard, I added one to the kit I sold.
    2. Didn't come with an allen key to adjust the feedneck to allow adjustment. 7/64 one is required. Hence why the gravity feed was used.

    These are the only cons with the standard marker that I could find to be honest, the marker performed well out of the box, I have had more trouble with an A5 new than I have had with this marker.

    Upgrades (advised)
    1. Blackheart board, as much as semi auto is good, full auto is great, this marker deserves this upgrade. Also the addition of the eyes would be a great benefit.
    2. Clamping feedneck, the missing allen key would be a pain and a decent clamping unit would be a perfect addition to this marker and speed up set up times.
    3. This one is optional, a bolt upgrade such as the TechT L7 bolt, but only if we have the pennies to spare.

    All in all I would rate this marker at about 8.5 out of 10, with the Blackheart and clamping feedneck it would have been 10.

    Once again, big thanks to the site for the time and space to test, you know who you are, and I hope you enjoy your new marker.

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