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    Smartguide is designed for HALO, RELOADER B1 & B2 , MAGNA , HALO TOO**. It is a loader upgrade. You just exchange orginal rotor assembly to Smartguide.

    Smart Guide is designed primarily to provide a cheap alternative and still upgrade your loader to be one of the best all-round loader in the market.


    We have devoloped a system that solve many issue with loaders in one simple design. We strongly belive that this invention will dominate new loaders in the future.

    We wanted to show how much the new design improves a loader containing a regular rotor systems and developed the Smartguide. To upgrade a Halo with a existing design and make it work with old reball and also handle paint was a true challange. By testing the Smartguide in your loader, you’ll also find that our solution for the loader actually work much better than the old design. See Smartguide description for detail information.

    The new invention will enable us to develop new loaders with a total solution that is simple but user friendly. And right now we can offer a solution that upgrade your Halo with this new design.

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