Speedfeed / Virtue Crown for my Empire Magna

Discussion in 'Loaders' started by Richie, Oct 1, 2008.

  1. Richie

    Richie Administrator Staff Member

    I need to get some sort of speed feed for my loader now, popping a lid and closing it it just annoying and slow. So I am going to try and pick something up in Paris.

    Does anybody know if the crown will sit directly onto a Magna or will any Halo or Reloader speed fit? I don't mind having to do a bit of drilling, but I would take the easy route first.

    Google is great. The Halo or Magna need the Soft Version
  2. Dusty

    Dusty Ask someone else....

    Richie I have an ordinary speedfeed you can have to try if you like.
  3. Mingin

    Mingin New Member

    You can get different sized crowns depending on the loader you used. And do get the soft one. Pretty pricey though. I paid €30 for mine.
  4. Charlie

    Charlie Active Member

    careful cause the 2 they have are the Soft Crown (the hard one) and the ultrasoft (the soft one). As ming said they do different sizes for different loaders. If Magna is the same as Reloaders then your sorted.
  5. KaLi

    KaLi Member

    can any one get a Crown (the soft one for HALO) for me in Paris ? PLEASE :)
  6. ion c

    ion c New Member

    make sure you keep your eyes open at millennium and shop around, charlie and me picked up an untra soft crown for 20e in the resturant of some guy selling them at his table. the other shops (maxs and paint xtreme) where selling em for 30e
  7. eoin99

    eoin99 Active Member

    I'm pretty sure the magna and reloaders are the same fit for speedfeed, but you can ask people when you're over in paris anyway Richie.
  8. Malibooroo

    Malibooroo Member

    Can Get it on eBay for €23 inc postage.
  9. KaLi

    KaLi Member

    That is standard one not soft
  10. BiteMyAss

    BiteMyAss New Member

    is it possible to get a crown that fits onto a pinokio? :D
  11. Mingin

    Mingin New Member

    Ahhh! The joys of getting screwed at Millenium

    Yeah, my bad, I got the Ultrasoft one, not the soft....just get the softest one you can.
  12. Richie

    Richie Administrator Staff Member

    Ya i will be after the softest one I think at Paris.

    Cheers for the offer dusty.
  13. eoin99

    eoin99 Active Member

    I think the pinokio uses standard halo/reloader size, not sure though, you would have to investigate.

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