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  1. Dusty

    Dusty Ask someone else....

    or what Chris? you know where to find me should you ever wish to talk face to face. You just made it personal where as I only ever put forward some civilised points, but its typical of your big gob. And have no fear, if you ever have the minerals to face me I'll certainly put up for you. it would be so easy to make a complete ass out of you if you didn't do the job perfectly well by yourself.

    the masters was cancelled due to a lack of interest, mainly from Barrage teams. we weren't going to cost ourselves money by turning paying customers away. As a matter of fact we had several people calling for it not to be cancelled after we made the announcement, and publicly done too. Who knows, maybe this year we'll run another one and the teams who aren't entering the IPL might come......

    "Bogball" was a mere joke, if i'd really wished to insult you and there's plenty i could have said far more insulting about the Irish nation. Thats how you work though, you don't say much when your own country men take the mick out of themselves. only when it suits right? much the same as the time you cried about your sister being the subject of some jokes, yet not so very long ago you brought it up about someone elses....

    Actually you forget the IWL, so it's not the only league in Ireland and as has already been explained at length but clearly not in enough simplicity for you, it's not a national league it's a league held at Barrage. at least the IWL is held at several venues.

    I'll leave it there, the points have been made in a fair way so far, there's only person ruining a perfectly good and fair discussion.
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  2. Rob

    Rob Unmodified

    OK - this is off topic - but In Ireland none of the sports you mention are "non profit".


    Before this descends into the usual IPL season crap and someone ends up with a ban - again - could all the keyboard warriors back away - think about their posts and refrain from trolling.
  3. Jaf

    Jaf New Member

    I think we should have a poll on how many hours this thread will last before it gets locked or maybe before someone gets the red card.

    I say 4 hours before one of the above happens, if i don't get it right i will use the edit function.

    Some valid points being made, it might be better if we didn't try to kick each other in the stones when making them.
  4. Merlin

    Merlin New Member

    I agree, but they are moderated by non-profit organizations, which was my point. :grin:
  5. ion c

    ion c New Member

    Oh me? Just this

  6. paulie

    paulie Active Member

    This is where a woodsballer should come in and say something.. But i wont....;)

    Actually now that im here, for the winter league in the IWL we are hoping to get a third site in the north to accomodate our northern team mates. ( hint hint anarky :rolleyes: )

    A few words were mentioned about cork or near but i think it may be an hour of two too much travelling for this year.
  7. The Outlaw

    The Outlaw New Member

    I agree with Mak, I have already put it too the IWL committee that after our first season I want to expand the IWL both north and south if possible. Can't wait to give your new place a going over Dusty.

    As for Colm's comment I totally agree with Dusty, Before the start of the last IWL there was no Millinium field anywhere in ireland so it is a bit rich to say that its held there because of the Millinium field... What was the reason behind it?? I would say ease of access for the organisers and people in the direct dublin area.

    If you wana build speedball then you have to look at expanding the game into other areas of the country otherwise people from the north and south of the country will bore of all the travel and speedball will start to die out. (I am already hearing some talk about this around the country) And I know that we dont want this to happen.......
  8. Dusty

    Dusty Ask someone else....

    You're always welcome, but pay us a visit first to check out. Come up some weekend for a nosy and a consultancy session ;)
  9. paulie

    paulie Active Member

    Just gonna throw this question out there for curosity

    Has any or all of the speedballer teams ever thought about putting money together and buying your own field ? ( and someone with a van ) and organising having your own inflatables and just using sites, surely this would promote speedball around the country.

    Something to think about anyways
  10. Oldwolf

    Oldwolf New Member

    I truly try not to get involved in the speedball.But it's sad to see such comments being thrown around fellow players.I really hope that the IWL never goes the same way.If it does there will be one less player on the field.
    It's ok to slag off one another as we did on the thread for IWL but not to this extent.
    Unfortunately you guys have taken it way further to a place it should never have gone in the first place.
    All concerned should look at what you got and not what you don't have.
    It's hard times for nearly every one these days and this rubbish makes every thing worse.
    So for the love of the sport please pull back from the brink gentelmen or the only thing you will have is memory's and nothing more.
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  11. paulie

    paulie Active Member

    Will do jim, ye have always been so helpful @ anarky, ive just been so crap with responsibilites but everyone im talking too about the new area is very excited because we know ye will make it uber awesome :D
  12. The Outlaw

    The Outlaw New Member

    Totally stupid comment based on the strength of the Euro to the Stirling and the fact that the M1 only takes an hour and a half to get to Belfast. Only issue is traveling further than your local meath field.

    Oh so its Ok for players to come from Derry, Belfast etc to make up numbers down south but its not ok the other way round Chris??? and you wonder why the IPL is in a bad way this year for teams. I really think you guys need to look at how you view things.

    The holiday comment is a little silly too as I know for a fact a night on the tiles up north is a fraction of the price down here so people could make a weekend of it. Just a suggestion. And before you comment I travel 2 and a half hours to train in battlebridge so have no issue with traveling to train at Dusty's place if it was ready. ;) Would be closer for me.
  13. weedave

    weedave New Member

    Guernsey used to have a Paintball Community about the size of ours last season but due to a lot of bickering and politics between teams, fields and event organisers, the teams folded, the players gave up and now there is only team left.

    Things look to be going down the same route on this island.

    Edit: On the topic in hand, I'm sure the IPL committee made an agreement with Barrage that in exchange for a Millennium Series field, the IPL events would be held at their venue. A decent investment by Barrage who I'm sure made their money back through paint sales alone. It was also a decent deal for the IPL committee as they have the first and only Millennium Series standard field in the country to attract teams.

    Therefore I don't think that its worth even arguing as I'm sure its set in stone that it has to be played at Barrage however it would be nice for different legs to be held at different venues to try and gain a little more attraction to the league as well as accessibility for the players.
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  14. paulie

    paulie Active Member

    Lads this is starting again i fear, and im not pointing the finger here

    -----------> ion.c & irishoutlaw <------------

    I think a new thread should be set up just for ye two alone as as of late it seems to boil down to snide remarks.

    Maybe a few days away from the paintballer site will do you both good, im not taking sides here im merely making a suggestion.

    Sorry for going off topic
  15. Richie

    Richie Administrator Staff Member

    Im letting this run as the majority of the comments are sensible, lets keep it that way. Also, some times stuff needs to be heard, no matter if it is not liked. When people start to get abusive then the bans will be handed out.

    Keep your egos out of it and if you cant put a decent argument / comment together with out abusing people then don't post at all.
  16. weedave

    weedave New Member

    Also, I'd like to comment on how well the IPL events have been run and regardless of their location, the IPL committee have put in a lot of effort and thankless hours in ensuring that things run smoothly. Without them we wouldn't even have a tournament paintball league.

    Also added more to my post above.
  17. The Outlaw

    The Outlaw New Member

    Paulie, I know you are trying to lighten things up but I aint got an issue with Ion C. I have an issue with stupid comments being made and when I see one I will voice my opinion as I have done against posts made even by you and others. If people post sensible comments then I wont argue the point.

    I think people forget that as a Belfast man I still have strong feelings for the north as Chris does for the south... I just find it hard to see logic in most things that he says as he has already shot holes in his own arguements,,,, but please keep up the anikdotal responses as they take me to a happy little place. ;);)

    P.S Im sorry if my posts are in some way negative but I think the Northern guys will see that I am talking sense and not just spouting for the fun of it. Also these are just my own opinions and should not be taken as anything other than what they are.
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  18. Shane

    Shane Member

    Paulie your absoultly right but at the same time there is no need there are at least 4 great sites on the island that i know of, that have great facilitys and supairball fields!

    Im not looking to cripple any one site by my comments im just looking for a more level playing field in terms of travel and expense for all players, and exposure and business oppertunites for any site that could and wants to accomidate the series!

    I dont think its rocket sicence but as dusty has made comment to the anarky masters, if he has a tourny this year i will be attending so long as i have the money and i can find a team that will let me play alongside them, simply because its cheaper, closer to me than any other field and is something different!

    People will get fed up with having to travel to barrage, i might not be this season even though this one seems to be already lacking interest, and i could be wrong but i think its because there is a lack of variety, people will get bored!

    And then when there are comments about not willing to travel an hour and a half up the road, by people who have it so handy in dublin/meath area, welcome to the real world of paintball guys! Most players have to travel over an hour and a half just to get to traning, me i have to travel 2 and a half hours each way! Comments like that leave me feeling like im being screwed!
  19. spaz

    spaz New Member

    i was always under the impression that as the ixl/ipl was first organised by the reapers, it was a barrage event and so i would assume as such, the reason that barrage invested in a ms field was on the understanding that all ipl events were played there. the field isnt usually played on by punters so i assume the only way barrage make a return on their investment is teams training on it/buying paint and ipl events.

    in much the same way, i assume the irish masters is an anarky event and escarmouche had...(sorry forgotten what it was called cause i couldnt make it!!).

    i had a point to go with this which ill think of later. heading to the beach on a rather delightfully sunny day so slightly distracted...
  20. Shane

    Shane Member

    But were not the mellinium series, why does it have to be mellenium seires field, why does this point keep comeing up? And if it is that important are barrage going to buy the upgrade kit every year it comes out at the added expense of €1000 give or take?

    Also would the IPL be even worth while if the all the northern based teams didn't attend how many teams would be left on the scene would it be worth barrages time?!? (this not a threat just an observation before someone takes it the wrong as they will undoubtly do)

    As for the events the event at escarmouche was the 5 man open and has been the only real event aimed at the players with the option to bring your own paint, it wasn't about making money but about helping the sport grow, of corse the was an entrance fee but that was to cover prizes and the income the site lost as punters didn't have access to the field! Oh and just like at Anarky there was little tono intrest from any of the barrage teams as far as i could remember! YET AGAIN!
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