Try to Avoid Co2 for Paintball Use

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    There has been a recent increase in questions regarding Co2 lately. I am going to put this up for the benefit of all the new people here and for people who are thinking about getting into paintball. This is going to be a short and sweet piece and I am sure that every one who has used HPA at least once will back me up here.

    But Co2 tanks are a hell of a lot cheaper than HPA ones.
    €30 for a Co2 tank, compared to €150 is a x5 hike in price. But it is worth it in the long run to go HPA as the cost of refills will eventually catch up with you. To fill your own Co2 tanks you need:

    Large Co2 tank rental from Air products Ireland - €200 per year ( last time I checked, will update)
    Tank Refills - €50 (again needs to be checked)
    Accurate Weighing scales - Guessing at €50
    Co2 Fill Station - €70
    Big Bag of O-rings - €50
    Burst Disks - €30 for 10
    20oz Co2 tank for marker €30

    So just to start on Co2 your self you already need to drop: €450 for your first year. If you have a few mates, the price will drop but not by much as they will all need a tank, o rings, burst disks etc. I worked out ages ago they each 20oz tank tefill will end up costing you €2-3 euro for the Co2 alone, plus all the capital costs.

    Starting on HPA cheaply breaks down like this, roughly.

    1.5L 3000psi aluminium HPA Bottle - €95 ish (3000psi is enough cause Scuba is 3000psi)
    New 15L Scuba tank from Great Out doors - €260 (2nd hand from €150)
    25 Refills for scuba tank - FREE
    Fills after that - €5
    Scuab Fill Station - €70
    Burst Disks - €5 for 2 spares

    So you are looking at dropping €435 for Starting off on HPA on a small team scale works out dearer to start off, but in the long run it will be better.

    But the Sites Use Co2
    If you have played in Frontier, Barrage, Anarky, Urban, Midland, Escarmouche, then you were using HPA. If you then go to say Skirmish, Crossfire, Delta Force, then you will be using Co2.

    So not all sites use Co2. Try one that does and you will notice the difference.

    What Markers can use C02 or HPA?

    Only Mechanicals can use Co2 - Tippmann 98, A-5 and X-7, BT-4 Markers (not new TM-7) and some Smart Parts Markers.

    NOT ONE TRUE ELECTRO PNEUMATIC MARKER - Exception is the SP1 which has something fancy about it. Beyond the scope of this post. Co2 Freezes up the solenoids of true electro pneumatic markers.

    ALL MARKERS CAN USE HPA - They will perform better and shoot better. Just make sure you select the the correct type of HPA Pressure for your marker. Usually 1 of two types, (High more so than Low)

    What do I need to make Co2 good?
    You will need consistent temperature. Hot day that gets cold will effect your velocity
    You will more than likely need a regulator
    You will need a lot of spare o-rings as Co2 eats them due to the low temperature. It perishes the rubber and the rings crack.
    You need to fire slow enough so your marker does not freeze up. So no E-grip or R/T on your Tippmann

    Finally, read this and watch that

    See Eoins Artivle on Co2 Vs HPA HERE

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    HPA is the best gas for our climate. It is not affected by humidity, temperature and season. Unlike CO2, it also improves your regs consistency and can help with accuracy. Its also lighter and for the woodsballers, it makes a smaller visible firing signiture ("smoke"), thus concelling your position more.

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    SP-1 and Vibe can both use CO2, due to their Max-Flo regulator which ensures liquid CO2 does not get into the marker. Technically, electropneumatics CAN use CO2, but if you ever shoot above say 2-3 bps say bye bye to your solenoid.

    USE HPA PPL! STOP ASKING WHY and DO IT, :lol: Trust me and countless others who went through the same question asking.
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    cool this is the info i wanted!! totally cool!!!

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