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    First Impressions:
    The packaging is good, colourful and informative, showing the exploded 3D diagram of the mask n the side of the box as well as all the colour options. I did notice that camoflage is an option but does not seem to be available from Manic, may have to chase that one up.

    The mask itself is solid looking and my worry was going to be that the material would be quite hard as used in the JT range of masks, but the plastic is more rubber like and maliable.

    The overall construction is very good, the mask is, as mentioned solid, without compromising on comfort, the addition of foam paddingon the rear edges of the mask serve to keep the mask off your head and avoid chaffing, a nice touch I thought.

    What's in the box:
    The mask itself and a small bag containing the visor, instruction manual (French and English), the rear pads for the mask and a carry bag made from a similar material to the Oakley lens bags.

    What's it like:
    Only having received these in to stock this morning I have not had them in the field to test, although some house work, running after the kids and doing the dishes has not managed to fog up the Thermo Coated Lens. I have stripped the mask and rebuilt it and found this to be very easy, there is only one thing I can fault it on, but that will come later int he Cons section, the foam insert comes out very easily as does the lens, having been baptised ont he JT range anything is easy, but the fact that the lens can be changed out without breaking a sweat and dismantling the whole mask is very pleasing.
    The side coverage, as can be seen from the pictures is better than I expected, the whole jaw line and ear are well protected on each side, even my Judge Dredd like chin was covered, something that some masks I have used don't manage, so the area of cover is very reassuring.
    The supplied chin strap is reasonable, altthough a small padding on the strap would be a nice addition for future versions.
    The peripheral vision of the mask is really good, I found that compare to the Proto that the curved lens gives a more panoramic view.

    1. Good construction,firm without going overboard with heavy plastics.
    2. Easily disassembled and reassembled for service, lens changes and cleaning.
    3. Field of vision is good and clear.
    4. Rear foam pads for comfort are a nice touch.
    5. Size of coverage area is very good for the large chinned amoung us.

    1.More my mistake, the visor attaches with the use of O rings, these look very much like moulding extras and I binned them, thankfully I realised my mistake and got the wife to rack through the bin. After a clean up I found that the best way to install the visor is to actually dismantle the mask, fiddly I know, but it was the only way.
    2. Chin strap padding, a little thing, but would make a difference to some I am sure.

    That is pretty much it for the cons, until I get it in the field I will not be able to give a more detailed opinion, but once it is out and tested I will be back with an update.

    Overall I would rate this mask quite highly, again, without field time I cannot give a good representation, so on current information I would be going for a 9 out of 10 for this mask, in comaprison to the ones I have used to date.

    Managed to get some game play using the demo Grills, I have to say the they are very comfortable on, I did not find them too constrictive and the field of vision was impressive. Protection was good, although I probably would advise some form of head wear as an errant shot smacked onto my exposed forehead a bit!
    As for the thermocured lens, I was a little worried having used similar lenses before only to have them fog up, but all that was visable after a lot of running around, was a slight build up of moisture, bit nothing that impared my vision, unlike another mask present on the day which suffered greatly from fogging. On this I will stick to the 9 out of 10 in comparison to my other masks, overall a very good mask and at the new price, a real steal.

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    When I go my Grills the chinstap included padding but the snap fitting didn't work. I dropped the guys in DXS a note and they sent a replacement strap.
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    Snap fiiting seems ok, I have checked all the stock that has come in, none have the chin strap, they may have dropped this from the mask for some reason.
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    The grills look good, i like the olive drab colour, its a pity about the model though. :cool:
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    Review updated with field use notes.

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