Valken Sports and SLY Paintball - New Profit Mask Tan Colour

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    Valken Sports and SLY introduce a new color of the popular PROFIT goggles. With the upcoming insertion of the V-CAM pattern to Valkens V-TAC line, there have been hundreds of requests for a goggle that fits a desert color scheme without being dedicated to a specific pattern. We are proud to release yet another color option to the wildly popular Profit goggle system – the new ‘Flat Dark Earth” color will become a staple of the Profit line, sure to be successful amongst players if desert or otherwise compatible playing environments.

    Valken President and CEO, Gino Postorivo said, “The players told us what they wanted and we have answered their calls”. “Building a specific pattern, useable only within a certain line or brand is not the best way to service the customer, so we came up with a color befitting multiple patterns,” added Postorivo.

    SLY’s Director of Operations, Don Besancon, states “While the amount of customer feedback regarding new color options was overwhelming, the addition of the new ‘Flat Dark Earth’ color to our lineup was a must-have. We’re happy to offer a new color that will appeal to multiple user bases within the paintball community.” Using a matte, sand-like tan exterior coating atop an indestructible nylon frame, the new “Flat Dark Earth” PROFIT goggle system will surely be a hit with players looking to add a degree of military realism to their game.

    Specifications include:
    •Special non-reflective flat finish–reduced IR footprint
    • Velvet-lined, soft-cell frame foam for comfort
    • UV, IR, and water resistant inner lens gasket
    • Tough co-molded nylon frame with soft TPR lower
    • Scuplted ventilation details with extreme porting

    SLY Profit Goggles can be viewed at and for inquiries or becoming a dealer, please visit or call 800 978 2553.
    Valken Sports is the exclusive distributor or Redemption, Crusade, Fate, Graffiti, Infinity, Worthington and GIMilsim branded paintball products. For one-stop-shopping, call and get your account going, browse from our 35+ lines, thousands of items and start saving, today.

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