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    What Paintball Mask Should I Buy?

    Here is a list of the most popular masks today, some basic information about them, their price and where you can get them. I put it together following the result of a recent poll of PaintBaller.ie members titled: What Brand of Mask Do You Use?. I have listed what I think is the best or most popular of each brand of mask.

    First Place- 42% - eVents


    • Empire goggles come with removable soft ear pieces and an even lower profile faceplate for the maximum reduction in target, and ultimate “cool” factor.

    • The Vents lens system is a very advanced and optically correct lens. Although at first glance it looks like a “flat lens,” it actually changes in thickness to maintain the best optical quality possible. The power imbalance, which means how your eyes see straight ahead, is 0.00 for both Spherical power imbalance and Astigmatic power mbalance (the value is so small it can’t be read with conventional testing equipment). What does this mean? It means what you are seeing is really where you think it is, so you can be more accurate in your shooting.
    • The lens is an extremely safe and quick release system. It can be replaced in seconds, yet is held very securely into the mask and frame. Unlike other quick release systems, the Vents lens fits in under the nose piece. This means the nose area doesn’t deflect in when shot, so it prevents the ingress of paint into the goggle under the lens. To further lock the lens into place, there is a “tongue and groove” around the edge of the lens and goggle. This prevents shots at the edge of the lens forcing paint up into the goggle and helps maintain a high safety factor. The Lens is held in at the sides with very robust retainers, which also hold the logos. This simply pushes through the lens and the goggle, then secured in place inside the frame by placing the end of the strap clip over the retainer and twisting down into position. The added safety being that you can’t have the strap in place if the lens isn’t in the goggle properly. So you can’t wear the goggle until a lens is in place. It’s a very quick and easy process, so you can pick and choose lenses to suit your playing conditions.

    • The goggle has the ability to add a visor or brow shield. These are made of flexible material and are easy to fit or remove without the use of tools, and with no other separate small pieces to get lost in your kit bag.

    • The Vents goggles come with a high quality strap with silicone beading to help keep the mask firmly on your head. The Empire goggle has the added “EE” logos in silicone for the utmost in grip.

    eVents are available from:
    Just Paintball, Uk - €82
    Anarky Paintball - €66

    Second Place - 26% - JT


    Proflex from JT USA
    Proflex™ systems are built for the professional and are hands down “the most comfortable goggle system in the world.” Built on a timeless design, the Proflex™ goggle provides superior face protection using JT’s unique insert molding technology giving the player a rigid upper for maximum eye protection, while offering a soft flexible lower mandible that allows the player to conform and move easily. Unrivalled soft ears and a removable visor are also standard on all Proflex™ models.

    260° field of vision
    The Spectra Goggle™ and world famous soft ear protection
    Insert molding technology
    Performance, comfort and versatility, most upgradable modular mask system in the world
    Visor included

    JT Pro Flex is available from:
    Just Paintball, UK - €57

    Third Place - 21% - vForce


    Unbeatable performance, the GRILL sets the trend with its intense look of pure attitude. The unmatched comfort of this lightweight masterpiece inspires focus on your game.

    # New QuickChange ClickDry foam keeps you dry, even in the harshest conditions.
    # Quick Change strap - close contact Posi-Clip strap - stays on guaranteed.
    # Temple comfort pads - detachable dual system.
    # Comfort chin strap - increased stability for a faster game.
    # Featherweight comfort - ultra-light construction for unrestricted movement.
    # QuickChange ThermCured Lens - Lens interchangeability is faster and easier than ever.
    # Integrated VFlector - built-in forehead bounce panel for added face and lens protection.
    # ProVisor - sun and rain protective visor.

    vForce Grill available from:
    Anarky Paintball - €93

    Fourth Place - 4% - Proto


    Switch FS from Proto Paintball
    01 : SWITCH™ VISOR - Self-venting, low profile and removable, the Switch™ Visor is able to pivot up and down for easy lens replacement.

    02 : ADVANCED TIRODIAL ANTI-FOG SINGLE LENS - For optimal clarity. Giving you the ultimate in vertical and horizontal peripheral vision. All Switch™ lenses have perfect optical clarity, setting the standard in visual performance.

    03 : INCREDIBLY SIMPLE PATENTED 1/4 TUR BUCKLE - Makes the hassle of changing lenses a thing of the past. Simply turn the locking tabs to the right to unlock your lens frame. Pop out your old lens, drop a new one in, place the frame over the lens into position, and turn the tabs back again to lock it in.

    04 : SILICONE WOVEN RUBBER GOGGLE STRAP - Designed to be adjusted to fit your head and stay there.

    05 : TIGER TOOTH STRAP BUCKLE - Allows you to adjust your strap for a custom fit and will bite down to secure the strap. Just set it and forget it.

    06 : MULTI-PORTED EARPIECE - Provides unrestricted audible transfer to take place without sacrificing any ear protection.

    07 : UNIDIRECTIONAL VENTING - Drastically reduces re-ventilated fogging. The venting also assists in keeping you cool and breathing easy.

    Proto Switch FS is available from:
    BZ Paintball, UK - €38

    Fifth Place - 2% - Dye

    Dye I3 Pro Mask from Dye Precision

    The Pro i3 comes equipped with our enhanced High Definition Lens, providing optimal lens clarity in any weather situation. The high contrast tint greatly increases your visual perception and helps with distinguishing various colors on the field. The scratch resistant coating protects both sides of the lens against scratches and minor abrasions. The High Definition Lens has a unique UV protective coating, offering you exceptional UV protection. In the sport of paintball, optimizing your vision to the targeted environment is critical; our lens helps you achieve that clarity.

    One of the Pro i3’s greatest features is the Multi-Directional Venting. Utilizing precise blade angling and a proven venting configuration, the Pro i3 Multi-Directional Venting will make communication with your team mates effortless. This unique patented design drastically reduces re-ventilated fogging and will throw your voice farther and clearer than any other vented mask on the field.

    We’ve developed soft, flexible, compression formed earpieces for the Pro i3. These earpieces are lighter and less obstructive, allowing you to hear more clearly and providing a soft surface to promote deflections from oncoming paintballs. Our new earpieces feature a Cool Max® liner to help keep you cool and wick sweat away. We offer a variety of colors and prints to match your personal style.

    Dye I3 Pro is available from:
    Just Paintball, UK - €79
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