Where's my posts?

Discussion in 'Webmaster' started by Quadsey, Feb 22, 2012.

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  1. Quadsey

    Quadsey New Member

    I posted twice this morning. The first was an informative post correcting a misleading statement by a team captain about his team and the other was to express my excitement and willingness to play in a WOD at ambushed paintball.

    Now unless the rules changed around here and they were seen as offensive for some reason other then that neither of those posts were flaming, trolling or snide in any way so where have they gone and why?
  2. battlebridge

    battlebridge New Member

    Someone stole them...
  3. sparky55ie

    sparky55ie 'Merc Mob'

    hey quads, will look in2 it now.
  4. paulie

    paulie Active Member

    Where's wally ?
  5. Redzer

    Redzer Administrator Staff Member

    I'm not sure what happened to your posts. A lot of posts were deleted out of that thread yesterday morning.
  6. battlebridge

    battlebridge New Member

    Maybe Paper stole them...
  7. hammer

    hammer Super Moderator

    i deleted the posts due to cleaning up the thread a bit and keeping other threads on topic as stated in the thread after i deleted them if there not permantly deleted and just soft deleted ur more than welcome to have them back
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