Who uses a Vlocity, or a Vlocity Jnr

Discussion in 'Loaders' started by Dusty, Oct 14, 2007.

  1. Dusty

    Dusty Ask someone else....

    I have recently acquired a new chip for mine, and it rocks. Honestly. I am not a big fan of fiddling with loaders, but in this case I make an exception.


    extends battery life, more preset speed settings, easy to fit, shed loads of combos for spring tension, tension time,.

    actually gives a super fast burst at the start of the feed process then slows down to match your marker ROF. absolutely no time lag at all, acts just like the Pulse RF chip, without needing another chip for your marker.

    honestly a great chip. this has been out for a couple of months, and Virtue have just released theirs.

    anyone looking more info let me know!!

  2. ion c

    ion c New Member

    Just bought a vlocity in paris! awesome loader but i had to replace the batteries after playing 6 games as a paint hungry back. how much does it extend battery life?
  3. eoin99

    eoin99 Active Member

    yeah I heard you guys got a good deal on them. 99 Euro for a loader is damn good.
  4. ion c

    ion c New Member

    90euro after haggling ;)
  5. Dusty

    Dusty Ask someone else....

    couldn't say by how much. there is a sleep function on it. after ten minutes of inactivity it sleeps. once you shoot again it automatically comes awake again.
  6. eoin99

    eoin99 Active Member

    you haggled a 99 Euro Loader down to 90... *cough* breadline... haha. Just messing dude. Anyway OT.

    What other Vlocity chips are available? And do hyperdrive do chips for other loaders or just Vlocity.
  7. Dusty

    Dusty Ask someone else....

    just vlocity at the minute i think. I know virtue now do one, and there is also the blitz chip.

    also, hyperdrive offer a lifetime software upgrade. free. a paintballers favourite word.
  8. eoin99

    eoin99 Active Member

    thats a really nice touch. So no need to buy next years model (unless they build in new hardware in which case it makes sense to buy it)
  9. Dusty

    Dusty Ask someone else....

    i doubt there will be new hardware, a chip is a chip only the programming tends to be different.

    also forgot to mention the electronic reverse rip drive and progressive anti jam. in the event of a jam, the drive cone reverses a little, if that doesn't clear it, it reverses a lot. this is automatic, and very quick indeed. i have tried this and yes it works.
  10. eoin99

    eoin99 Active Member

    Thats cool, I think alot of the aftermarket chips are including that now. This advertising Dusty kinda makes me want to get a Vlocity. I think I'll stick with the Reloader B for now though
  11. ion c

    ion c New Member

    i usually wouldn't have gone for an eyes but the increased paintball capacity, lower weight and thinner profile meant i had to go for it
  12. eoin99

    eoin99 Active Member

    yeah, I do like the lower weight on them. Someone needs to come out with a light weight sound hopper.
  13. DWave

    DWave New Member

    There si couple bad thing about velocity, shell is to brittle it snaps easy I know lots od ppl in croatia that brake that thing allmost every turny 1/2 sheal and batteri life W/O blitz chip is like 1-2 case of paint. I use halo B with vicory board and rip drive and it is fenomenal loader.
  14. Colm

    Colm Ignore the titles

    Ditto, I loves my Halo loader and ain't switching unless something that blows it outta commission comes around.
  15. eoin99

    eoin99 Active Member

    I love the sound boards, but think I'm gonna get a new shell. Plus thinking of getting a battery kit for my Relaoder to make it lighter and rechargable
  16. Dusty

    Dusty Ask someone else....

    i prefer the vlocity for the extra capacity, and the lightweight.

    i used a reloader for ages with no issues at all.
  17. ion c

    ion c New Member

    i use both.

    Vlocity is lighter and has greater capaity
    Reloader/Halo seems to have a tighter overall profile, better on batteries, faster and tougher shell.
  18. eoin99

    eoin99 Active Member

    You use two hoppers? that must be some sight
  19. ion c

    ion c New Member

    yeah eoin i have a fancy new setup where by i can switch hoppers by flipping a switch which causes the hopper mount to rotate and bring the new full hopper to the feed-neck allowing me to continue firing while reloading the empty one ;)
  20. Whupass

    Whupass Hi! Haaaavvvve you met Ted?

    you should SOOOO patent that!!!!

    i'll buy one off you if you can make it for me by this weekend??????????

    how much??? aww crud, i'll have to buy another hopper though...

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